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Books I read and kept

I photographed all the books on my “read and kept” shelf. The concept was inspired by my friend Charlie Byron, but also by Judith Thurman’s article in the New Yorker on Nov. 12. Thurman profiled Betty Halbreich, “who runs Betty Halbreich’s Solutions, a …Read more…

Rainy day reading for Hurricane Sandy

Here are four distracting reading recommendations for Hurricane Sandy. Suggest clicking on the links and printing them out in case your power goes. A SWEARING CONSULTANT The Guardian ran a revealing set of interviews with the creators of political satire …Read more…

Wasted Advertising

Thanks to Dane with the eagle eyes. Google AdSense chooses the ads, based on the copy here. Which I guess presents a whole new and subtle sphere of XANAX LYNDSAY LOHAN LYNDSAY LOHAN XANAX conflict of interest. VIAGRA. VIAGRA. Sorry.