Five incredible music videos to wake us all the fuck up on a $unday morning

Who says the music video died with the last note of George Michael’s Freedom ‘90? Well: as of this morning, no longer, I. Because an acquaintance, Jeremy, posted a bunch of the best music videos he’s seen this year on Facebook, and I actually watched ‘em, because Jeremy is the kind of guy who wears bespoke suits and shows up at parties with a black woman wearing a crash helmet, who is six inches taller. In other words, he manifests intelligent style and taste. Let’s cleanse your pallet with an image, courtesy of Jeremy, first, and then I’ll show you my top five videos from Jeremy’s own selection. Jaguar man is stressed, tired:

MIA – Bad Girls – Plenty has been written about this video elsewhere, but for reductive purposes, it’s a song about sex in cars written and performed by a genius:

Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light – This video makes it hard to believe that at one time, Madonna’s Like A Prayer video was considered controversial for its use of Catholic imagery:

El Guincho – Bombay – In the first minute Carl Sagan, milkshake / statue sex, Espana:

Red Fang – Wires – Summing up everything good and bad about being in a metal band in Portland, Oregon, where I lived for four years:

Jay Z – Onto The Next One – Terrifying white people since time immemorial:

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