Rainy day reading for Hurricane Sandy

Here are four distracting reading recommendations for Hurricane Sandy. Suggest clicking on the links and printing them out in case your power goes.


The Guardian ran a revealing set of interviews with the creators of political satire The Thick of It last week, preceding the show’s purported finale, which aired on Saturday night. Ian Martin was hired as the show’s “swearing consultant,” who had this to say: “I hadn’t seen a script when the first ones came over and Armando [Iannuci-the show’s creator], who I had worked with on a couple of things, said just shit all over them, do whatever you like. I still wasn’t sure what he wanted but I remember changing a line, when Malcolm was on the phone, from ‘he’s fucking useless’ to ‘he’s as useless as a fucking marzipan dildo’. I sent them back and said is this the sort of thing you’re after. He said, yeah, yeah, brilliant.”


Former New York Times editor Times Bill Keller published an insightful piece for the American audience on Oct. 14, about Jimmy Savile, a veteran British Broadcasting Corporation broadcaster posthumously engulfed in a child abuse scandal which has since mushroomed and threatens the independence and future of the BBC. Former BBC Director General Mark Thompson was set to take up the Chief Executive’s job at the NYT when it was written, and, as the Daily Mail will delight in telling you, there is now a “cloud over” his appointment.


London’s Big Issue-a paper sold by those facing housing insecurity-has an engaging interview with Radioman, an ex-homeless drifter who is now part of Hollywood’s A-list and surely, destined to be the basis for a biopic starring Robin Williams. He’s already the star of an upcoming documentary.


More Intelligent Life features a fascinating profile of architect Norman Foster. It’s by no means a flattering piece, which in my view, makes it all the more readable: “So why is it that flicking through the reams of projects from recent years becomes ultimately dispiriting? Blandness.”

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