Christmas music

I’ve put together a Christmas mixtape following the popularity of my vacation playlist this summer. These are the six tunes I’ve been enjoying most over the fall and early winter months. Listening to them will be just like existing inside my head… an experience for which I would charge you, if I weren’t so damned generous. Merry Christmas! Click “play” to get started.

Bonnie Prince Billy — Troublesome Houses
Mariah Carey — Emotions
Jarvis Cocker — I Never Said I Was Deep
Bonnie Prince Billy — The Sounds Are Always Begging
Betty Lavette — Let Me Down Easy
Carly Simon — Nobody Does It Better

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  1. Autumn -

    Oh, Matt. I’ll never forget your dizzying paean to Carly at last year’s Xmas party (this year’s is Wed incidentally, you’ll be missed). Nobody did it better. Miss you! Hi to Suey!

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