Talking About Money

My friend Logan Sachon is now working for, the personal finance website. She interviewed me a couple of weeks ago about money and you can read the interview over there. This is the part I’m most surprised by, in terms of how articulate it sounds:

How did you know how to budget?

We figured it out. Nobody is going to tell you how to do this stuff, certainly not in school. The lobbyists keep it out of education. It’s a scandal, really. Kids should learn this stuff. But banks make money off your debt, so it’s in the banks’ interest to keep you from knowing this. On TV, all you’ll hear is buy this car, buy this, buy that. But you won’t hear that the real way to be happy is to budget so you’re not tied down by work. They can’t say that, because if you’re not going to spend $400 on a dress, well, there goes the fashion industry.

But you can’t talk to people about this stuff, it’s such a taboo. These days it’s probably less revelatory to write about your first sexual experience than about your credit card debt.

You’re welcome to relate the sordid details of either in the comments.

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  1. Paul Cone -

    Good advice, mate… I sent this to my girlfriend. Link to the Stephen Fry article?

  2. Paul Cone -

    Oh yeah, forgot I’d seen it when you posted it before…

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