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You may recall that I changed websites in early August after a series of infuriating interactions with my previous web designer. Since then, it’s been a real pleasure redesigning the blog, and reconnecting with an old college friend, Mark Priestley, who just moved to Toronto from England. Mark did everything you see here, and was wholeheartedly available to consult on all the changes we’ve made. I really like the result, and I hope you do, too.

If you’re looking for a web designer, I paid Mark a pretty reasonable rate for this redesign, and he’s also doing ongoing support for it. You could certainly do worse than get in touch with him for a consultation.

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  1. Kevin -

    Really nice – clean, modern, but with a bit of style.

  2. Matt Davis -

    Thanks, Kevin. From a modern, clean, and stylish gent such as yourself that’s praise indeed.

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