Back From Pooping In The Woods

I’m back from pooping in the Canada woods. Maybe it’s because I’m English, maybe it’s because I went to a boys’ school, but there’s something deeply terrifying to me about this kind of arrangement:

The image is from Camp Poopfinder, a boys’ camp in Algonquin park where my brother in law Will has been going since he was a kid. It’s done great things for him, like teach him how to Canoe long distances, and of course, poop next to other men. He held his wedding to Diane Davis (now Hopkins, sadly a loss for the Davis clan) on the island, and guess what? It rained a lot! There was no electricity! I was thoroughly comfortable at all times!

Lest I offend my in-laws I should stress that there were definitely high points of the trip. The wedding was, indeed, wonderful, probably because it was the only time for 30 minutes the whole week when I wasn’t concentrating on anxiety about my next bowel movement. But it was also great to catch up with everyone in my extended American family, especially crazy uncle Bob who can be seen here in a photo, going of the Poopfinder high dive. I only managed to summon the guts to go off the little one. Probably because I was so “bound up.”

Photo by Aunty Judy Allen Shone

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  1. Bob -

    there’s something deeply terrifying to me about this kind of arrangement?

    I spent some quality time in “the fort”

  2. Sue -

    The high dive was the best. Talk about terrifying!!

  3. Dave Lister -

    Just saw your post about rows of toilets with no dividers. I agree… totally terrifying.

    During the summer when I was about eleven my parents decided I was bored and should go to camp. I wasn’t. I was having a great summer reading pulp science fiction and drinking grape soda but they sent me off anywhere. They sent me to a basketball camp, for chrissake. It was like Auschwitz. We did calisthenics in the morning before breakfast, played basketball for four hours, had lunch, played more basketball and then finally had some free time after dinner.

    The lavatory was a military arrangement with the crappers in a row like your picture. I was shy and bookish so I would sneak in there to try to take a crap when there was no one else around. I was so terrified that someone would walk in though that I couldn’t go. I was constipated for the entire week.

  4. Dadinlaw -

    Admittedly it takes a bit of getting used to. But the view over the lake into the Algonquin wilderness is very relaxing. And the “eyes front” behavior that most regular users (no pun intended) have learned is much better than claustrophobia-inducing partitions.

  5. Colorado cousin -

    As a collegiate rower, I was suprised to find daily group showers really didn’t prepare me for the group poop. I’m sure my teammate Tad would thrive pooping 6 wide, who regularly did his business with the stall door open to avoid missing any locker room banter.

  6. Andrea "scared to death" of the group poop -

    This whole experience was very creepy at the time. However, looking back on it now I am laughing. I think it is especially funny how different things are from childhood to adulthood… Matt you are awesome. Heath I like your anonymous comment above… :)

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