This Blog: Now Google Famous

This blog has bizarrely made headlines on the technology blogs this morning, for being among the first “hyper-local” blogs to be picked up by Google using its new review service:

Picture 1

Both Searchengineland and another blog about search engines have stories about this blog, this morning, and a review I posted in November about my personal trainer, Von Ray Johnson. Because I put his phone number on there, along with a review of his services, Google’s robots have apparently picked up the information and are using it as a review. In the world of technology, this is big news. For me, of course, the only question is: Will it bring me more power, more influence, and more control?


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  1. Mike Blumenthal -

    Well the answer is yes…sort of. :)

    Certainly the links you got are good…and it points out the “power” of a well done hyperlocal blog like yours to influence the standing in Google of local businesses.

    Is that enough to satisfy your “cravings”?

  2. Mike Blumenthal -

    Think I could get better billing than “another blog”? :)

  3. matt -


  4. Mike Blumenthal -

    I assist you in achieving 15 seconds of fame and you want more? Greedy buckets! :)

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