Oregon Bicyclist Will Ride Naked on Fourth of July

God bless the Ashland Daily Tidings, which parlays a Craigslist post into an AP story today:

Jen Moss, also known as The Naked Lady, has announced in a notice on Craigslist that she plans to lead a group of in-line skaters in the Ashland Fourth of July Parade “wearing only a hemp G-string and blowing a conch shell.”

But the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the parade, is not so sure there’s anything positive about nudity in a public event that annually draws thousands to downtown.

“We don’t feel that someone in the parade who is topless or nearly naked is appropriate for a family audience,” said chamber parade chairman James Kidd.

And well done to city councillor Eric Navickas, who knows a good opportunity to give quote when he’s offered one:

He said that if the chamber prohibited Moss from participating in the parade, it would be “an interesting commentary on our society that we’re willing to tolerate dead bodies through our aggressive foreign policy from the war, but not healthy, naked bodies.”

Indeed it would, Eric. Indeed it would.

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  1. April -

    This is just the kind of thing I like to share in my feed reader—thanks.

  2. Matt Davis -

    You’re welcome, April. I hope the surgery went well.

  3. Brandon -

    I’m half awake, stuck at work and in the mood to play devil’s advocate. I love hemp n’ boobs as much as anyone but there’s a time and a place for them. These in-line nudist might have a point if the parade was also including a parade float featuring brutal re-enactments of scenes from Generation Kill. Nudity at a G-rated civic event is just as inappropriate as a wanton display of real or staged “aggressive foreign policy.”

  4. JustinS -

    Yeah, Brandon, I’m a little torn on it myself. Not sure I need to have the kids out there for that one.

    At the same time, though, nekked people are funny, and maybe that might be a good opportunity to teach them lessons about how silly it is that people in this country are so ashamed of nudity while simultaneously nursing voracious appetites for porn.

    If nothing else, it would give them something interesting to talk about when asked “What did you do last summer?”

  5. matt -

    Ah, Americans and their obsession with tits. That Janet Jackson Superbowl fiasco, for example. The French were like, “quoi? in our country, we ‘ave ze elementary school teachers with ze breasts all over ze place…what is wrong with zis?”

    Devil’s advocate indeed. It’s all a mom issue.

  6. kookimebux -

    Hello. And Bye. :)

  7. NakedRodney -

    Re Nudity at July 4 parade.

    Silly me I thought it was all about ‘freedom’.
    I also thought ‘God made man in His own image’, so let’s teach our kids that their bodies are disgusting and should be hidden.

    Amazing how disingenuous are the parade organizers. Some would say ‘no balls’ hah.

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