The Luddite!

The Luddite is a letterpress-printed, crafted magazine focused on real human stories that get glossed over in our digital age. We realised that between us (Matt & Louise, my co-Luddite), we’ve spent 40 years on the Internet, which is a bit weird. And while we both earn our livings using pixels, are we missing out on something? Perhaps technology could be changing our lives in a bad way—getting in the way of as many interactions as it facilitates, and even re-wiring our brain chemistry. Are we turning into junky lab rats in a bad experiment? We thought it would be interesting to start a magazine focused on doing things the old-fashioned way. Face to face, person to person, pen to paper, ink to page. Something the National Security Agency can’t read over your shoulder. SO. THE LUDDITE!

Your support would be very much appreciated.

Update: Design Week likes it.

Update: Coming off the press!

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